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Gadgets nowadays have taken a huge place in our life which hitherto, was inconceivable! There was a time when smartphones were just as sparse as diamond and possessing one was a hell of a big deal! With the advent of ultra-technology and a tremendous research on the same, the world has come forth with such advanced gadgets that will boggle your mind. We have listed down 8 unbelievable gadgets that have been invented to make human beings function even better and with ease:
1.Levi's Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket
This freaky jacket would actually sound like a component of a science fiction film. But to everyone’s surprise, Google is actually designing a jacket in collaboration with Levi’s that would have serious ‘smarts’ in every sense of it. The jacket would especially be designed for cyclists who find it difficult to have access to their phones while riding. Therefore, Google comes to the rescue that will attach a removable module to the sleeve which will give the riders the ease to find directions and also play music.

2.MindWave EEG Headset
This NeuroSky’s MindWave Mobile EEG headset has been designed with the thought the why seeking for a mouse and keyboard while operating a computer? The device is actually controlled by mind waves and it directly responds to the operator's mental state.

3.Thync Vibe
The concept behind startup Thync’s $199 Vibe was to exert a pull on the human brains. It is said to alter moods by sending low electrical pulses to brains. The wearer has been given the control over his pulses by an accompanying app. What an invention!

4.Bone Fone
The Bone Fone like it sounds is no phone at all. It is actually a scarf kind of radio speaker worn around the neck that would resonate through the bones of the wearer’s giving the feeling of a home theatre taking place in your body.

5.Google Glass
Nothing more than a mounted computer on an ordinary spectacle equipped with the features of Google, but Google glass was never really accepted that way as it invited bans on it, the reason being, it was suspected to record the moves of the people around without any knowledge of them.

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