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Life is really unpredictable, we meet tons of people here; we make friends, families, acquaintances; but isn’t it strange that sometimes, the ‘connect’ we seek in our dear ones is found in a person we barely know.
Well, I know there are many people out there who will understand my point. So, those who weren’t really able to grasp my viewpoint, I’d like to narrate one of my personal experiences to give you a much subtle and clearer version of what I am trying to convey.
So, a week ago, I met this random girl at a friend’s place, as soon as I laid my eyes on her, I was instantly attracted to her (No, not the pehli nazar ka pyar wala case); it was something inexplicable, like I really wanted to talk to her.

So, I kept gawking at her, for a long time until I was able to gather all my courage to go and speak to her. Finally, I stood up and went to say ‘Hi’; she quipped and replied to my gesture. I tried to behave very sophistically, like I ain’t calm and composed kinda guy, I am way too volcanic so it was pretty tough for me. I was behaving or rather faking my personality in a bid to impress her; I was faking it so loud that most of the women’s fake orgasms would be put to shame.

To my amazement, she caught me red-handed and said: ‘I know you are not like this, so don’t fake it’, my head exploded at that very moment. Now, I got really comfortable around her as I didn’t have to be pretentious anymore, I went guns out with my dazzling and peculiar talks.

She listened to it and was startled to hear my side of the story as her story was on the same lines, in fact almost same, when she told me this; My jaw dropped dead on the ground and I was in a very perplexed state.
I was astonished looking at the fact that how two distinctive lives and characters can be so similar to each other.

Now, we have become pretty good buddies and every day I am finding something relatable AF in her personality.
And, no, it’s nothing to do with the gender (in case you are thinking in that tangent); you can find this ‘Oh-So-Relatable’ vibe in anyone, be it a guy or a girl; just keep your eyes wide open.

So, now, you got to know why I termed Life as an ‘Unpredictable Bitch’.
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- Shivam
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