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There is no office, school or college where you can’t find latecomers, especially in India. It is difficult to make someone understand the value of time, if someone doesn’t get it by himself, it is tough to do it otherwise. You can out them in pressure all you want but after a few days, they will find newer ways to come late.
In general, India is a very laidback country and we have mastered the art of taking time for granted and the weird thing, most of us don’t even feel sorry about it. Well, there are many reason but mostly the reason for coming late is procrastination.
ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder)
Neurological researchers have discovered that coming late on a regular basis might be co-related to chronic lateness disorder and attention-deficit disorder. The people who suffer from ADHD, their executive centre of brain plays a pivotal role.
Many of the research claims that latecomers are very creative and that is right, but they forget to reveal that they are highly optimistic and unrealistic. They are so optimistic that they will set an unrealistic time period to get up, get ready and leave that the time they set for each work is not realistically possible to achieve.
For Example:
One leads to other, because of their laziness, they will set time periods as such for other activities which are not achievable.
Suppose, they oversleep for an hour and they will have exactly 15 mins to get out their house before they get late. In that 15 mins, they have to get up, use their washroom, have breakfast, get their lunchbox, get ready and do other morning rituals in those 15 minutes. Now, it is possible to do it one day but everyday is not the magical day, thus they end up coming late everyday.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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