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Our mouth has words, but do you know that our gestures also have words as well? Yes, the voice of gestures is known as the nonverbal signals. Many people use the way of nonverbal communications, and it is mostly used by the mute people. But apart from this we also have one more way to express.

Yes, it is a gesture that has a voice as well

Let’s explore which gesture says which story:-

1. You Pupil Size

We all know that light in our surrounding controls our pupil dilation, but sometimes emotions can cause the change in the size of the pupil. For example, ‘bedroom eyes’- it is the gesture, that people have when they are attracted to someone.

2. Lip Movement

Mouth and lip moment can also be very useful in reading a person’s body moment. For example, chewing lips can indicate the fear or discomfort. Smile also play important role in interpreting a person’s feeling. A smile can be genuine, fake or cruel.

3. Arms Position

Crossed arms indicate that the person is closed-off or self-protective, while hands-on waist indicates the aggressive manner. If you are tapping your fingers can sign that you are bored or impatient.

4. Postures’ Words

Your sitting posture also has words. Postures convey the wealth of information about how the person is feeling. It also hints about the personality of the person, whether the person is comfortable, confident or open. A closed-posture while sitting indicates anxiety and unfriendliness. Whereas open posture may indicate the friendliness and openness.

5. Personal Distance

Yes, it also useful in predicting the relationship between two people. If two people are engaged in a closer relationship, the personal distance between them will be- 6 to 18 inches. The personal space between the family member and close friends is between 1.5 to 4 feet. And in the public interaction, the personal space is usually between- 12 to 25 feet.

Now, after knowing about the different gestures of people you can predict them and can also save yourself from making wrong gestures.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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