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Sleep is one of the greatest mysteries about which even doctors and scientists don’t know that why we fall asleep. Many types of researches and theories have been taken placed over it, but no one knows that why even we spend roughly a third of our lives asleep.

There have been so many researches showing that how a good sleep helps in consolidate memories and repair body. Sleep is one of the greatest tools for humans which help in preparing us for the next day activities.Some of the recently published research gives greater credence to one of the top theories of sleep suggests that a complete round of sleep helps to detox the brain.

Reboot your brain
If you want to get ready for your next day activities, then sleep is the best recipe for detoxing your brain. It is simple and easy, you won’t need anything to invest in.

According to a study published in 2013 suggested that sleep gives the brain the best chance to get clear itself. Sleeping is generally a kind of waste disposal machine, it clear out the waste products that your brain has produced while doing normal activities.

Here comes one more conclusion from the study that why we sleep is that- our brain cannot perform cleaning function and process sensory information at the same time.

You haven’t it noticed before

Might be you didn’t give your sleep so much value before or to the benefits of it. But, after reading this you will surely get your complete sleep. Now you know the formula for detoxing your brain, though, there is something more which you still don’t know. Many doctors are treating their patients with sleep.

If you have noticed that when you fell sick, your doctor advised you to take bed-rest. By this, he means that more you will sleep, better you will feel. Whenever a person gets a high amount of shock, first of all, a doctor prescribes the person sleeping pills. As the sleeping helps the person’s brain to calm down more quickly. Actually, sleep is the best medicine itself, because sleep helps you in relaxing your body and make your brain cells more active as compared to the time when you are awake.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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