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Every relation is beautiful in its own way. Family is like music with both high and low notes and just like a good composition it requires both and when it comes to the relation of brother and sister a brother is seen in different roles. A brother’s love for her sister is seen in different forms.
From loving to hating having a brother expresses his limitless love in the following ways.
1.That possessive brother
As the sister grows he started feeling more possessive for his sister. As and when he sees any boy around his sister he becomes so guarded that he would keep an eye on her and never let any wrong person around her.
2.Caring Brother
From taking care of his sister when she is ill to be with her whenever she needs them a brother is like a best friend with whom she can share anything and anytime and the bonds just grows stronger and stronger with time.
3.Angry Brother
True that anger is a form of love. A brother also scolds his sister when she commits any mistake and if the brother is older than this form of love is very much obvious.
4.Emotional Brother
From bowing down in front of his sister’s demands a brother does everything to make his sister happy. He will never fail to go an extra mile for his sister.When her sister goes far from him you will some other side of a brother which you have not ever seen.
5.Overprotective brother
You will get that death stare looks if you even look at his sister. Yes, it’s true a brother becomes protective and sometimes overprotective. So all boys be cautious when you think to date his sister.
It’s the universal right of every brother to pull the leg of his sister, shower his limitless love in different forms, be it anger, fight, care, possessiveness.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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