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Cartoons were first made for the kids’ entertainment. But later on, many adults and teenagers also started watching cartoon channels. But why so? Because cartoons creators started creating that characters which have taught us so many things. Apart from this, we all know that laughing is the best medicine. So, the people were getting so much from them. First is some lessons of life and laughter.

Let’s take the tour one more time to the cartoon world with us:-

1. Mickey Mouse-

Mickey Mouse with his team taught us so much. Thanks to Walt Disney who created this helping character. He taught us using tools to solve the problems and also helping friends. Mickey Mouse was the true example of “Sharing is Caring”.

2. Scooby Doobby Doo-

Remember the most honest character in the whole cartoon world. This cute, yet little coward (when he used to see ghost) taught the biggest lesson of the life that is- to be honest and support friends. He and his whole team taught us that friends are also our family.

3. Powerpuff-Girls

The team of three sisters was so mind-blowing and teach us the difference between good and bad. When the children are seeing this you can be carefree, because they will definitely learn something good from this cartoon serial. These girls are different from each other and help their people.

4. Goku

At one time the craze of watching ‘Dragon-Ball-Zee’ was at its high. The main and strongest character of the channel taught us that- how hard work always results into the best for us. And whenever he upgrades one level up in super-Saiyan, we used to feel that our energy level upgraded.

5. Jerry-

How can we forget about jerry character from- Tom & Jerry show? This cute little mouse taught us- how to fell in love with cheese and flying in the air behind yummy food. Jerry gave us many different ideas of mischiefs for doing with friends and sibling.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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