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London is definitely a city of dreams that is on the bucket list of every wanderer. The land is so diverse and soaked in a rich culture that it will arrest you with its irresistible charm in no time.
So, if you ever plan to stroll around this bustling city, make sure you know about these things that will surely amplify the joy of discovering London:-

1). Avoid Taxis As Much As You Can

London is a place that is dear to the shopaholics, so, if you plan to go on a shopping spree at Oxford Street, London; make sure you do not take a taxi or you are going to face the wrath of merciless London traffic. For that matter avoid taxi services for most of your tour, you can rather go and rent out a 'Boris Bike' for just £3.

2). Do Not Break The ‘Escalator’ Rule

London peeps are pretty managed and well organized, so when you are on an escalator levitating up above from ground, always stand on the left side, oh, wanna know why? Well, apparently, the left side is for standing and right side is for walking, so if you are an escalator runner like me, you get the right side.

3). Drinks Can Make A Hole In Your Pocket

London is one of the most sought out ‘Party-Capitals’ of the world, so if you plan to shake up some ass at a pub or bar in London, be ready to get a hole in your pocket because boy, the drinks will be hell’a expensive!
But, you can always check online for happy hours and pubs providing discounts and have a great time without spending too much, I mean prevention is always better than cure, right?

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- Shivam
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