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1. It Follows
One of the creepiest storyline with a very deep and confusing plot. The movie asks you to dive deep in the plot and interpret it. The actors are seen making extreme distressing choices to the utter dismay of the audience. The story at the end would leave you baffled as to what happened and why!

2. A Quite Place
A tour by a small cast in the spookiest premises haunted by creatures unable to see but can hunt down by their sharp hearing senses. The whole journey would keep you on your toes with every dominating sound.

3.Train to Busan
Ever wondered being stuck in a train full of zombies! This petrifying movie of the South Korean star Gong Yoo sends chills down the spine everyone you watch it. The movie is more like a zombie apocalypse.

A really disturbing plot with scenes that’ll boggle your mind; this blood-curdling psychological horror is one of its kind.

5. Get Out
The best picture nominee because of it earning critical acclaim for its pricking satire, unparalleled performances and of course its incredible projections.

One intellectual sci-fi horror drama which has left most of the horror fans startled by its striking performance. Also with the suspense with which it ends suggests that it has left an open ending for the spectators to interpret. One clever move!

Make sure you do not watch these movies alone, it might not let you have a sound sleep.
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