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Food Network’s one of the most liked series is Cutthroat Kitchen Challenges. Here different chefs participate for winning prize money but wait it is not that easy. Because this food-making television series has Alton. Alton is not only the host of the series but instead, he also plays the role of Devil (if we see from the eyes of fellow chefs).

In every episode, Alton introduces different sabotages, which interrupt the chefs while they are cooking. He auctions every sabotage and the chef who wins that sabotage has to give money to Alton from their briefcase. Then the chef gives that sabotage to another chef. This serial is so much about- giving and taking, wow.

But wait, have you seen Alton’s most evilicious sabotages?

1. Toe-To-Toe

Alton auctioned the Toe-to-toe sabotage that kept two chefs locked together. In this situation when the two chefs have to complete their individual work, they were stuck in between. But somehow the Chefs Cat and Aarti managed to settle them each other and completed their tasks.

2. Knight Chef Richard

Chef Melissa won the sabotage- a full body armor and Chef Richard was forced to wear the armor suit and complete his rest of the work while wearing it. This sabotage came out to much of his amusement and later he found it difficult, as cooking while wearing these armor gloves is like next to impossible.

3. Teamwork in Viking Boat

When the Chef Justin Warner won the oversized Viking boat sabotage, he then left no choice for the rest chefs but to work in it as a team. And that is when they all have to make Swedish Pancakes. When they all were working together, this wasn’t working out for anybody.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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