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The land where we live in has had the birth of many creepy superstitions and undeniably we follow few of them as well. It’s actually not just India where such beliefs are being practiced, basically you’ll find superstitions where ever around the world you go. Some defies logic while others might make sense. Listed down are the few weirdest superstitions which you might relate no matter wherever round the globe you go:
1. You should not wish someone “Happy Birthday” any time before their birthday arrives as this brings in bad luck in his/her life.

2. Never place two mirrors opposing each other. In Mexico, it is believed that facing a mirror just opposite to each other makes a doorway for the evil.

3. Don’t ever leave your chopsticks in the bowl you eating. This gesture is just not accepted in Japan as it signifies death.

4. If ever you’re receiving something sharp from someone, make sure you give back a coin to that person. Gifting or receiving something which got blades might ruin the relationship you hold with that person.

5. You cannot go home straight after a funeral. A popular belief says that if you go home right after mourning to might take along a spirit with you. So, rest at someplace else before leaving for home.

6. Don’t ever cheer with water, if you’re ever cheering with glasses of water you are actually wishing death for the other person.

7. Avoid putting your shoes on the table! In Britain, keeping a pair of shoes on the table suggested the death of someone from the family. Well, now it stands for no-courtesy.

8. In Turkey, an itch in the right hand is believed to bring in fortune for you whereas in the left hand it happens to suggest a loss of money.

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