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From no-selfie phones to aerial selfies, we have traveled such a long distance till now. Today, we have drones, for capturing astonishing videos, photos, and sky-selfies. So, we have put below some latest drones of 2018 for the best 4k quality photos and video.

For the first pick, we have selected DJI Mavic, the expert choice drone. This drone is the best camera-equipped which supports an incredible amalgam of advanced technology and affordability with the sheer flying experience.

As the end of the year-sale-season is approaching soon, you will find the drone among the best Christmas deals. So, are you excited to use it for taking your Christmas pictures? This 4K quality camera-equipped drone also is used for making your beach-side shoot more professional-like.

Our second pick is DJI MAVIC 2 PRO. It is the best pro-quality drone, which you can ever have. The drone is equipped with the 4K/2o megapixels max camera resolution. You can expect the maximum transmitted range for the drone to 5 miles. You can opt for this model because of it’s excellent Hasselblad camera plus stunning 4K video, this also includes rock-solid flyer.

Last but not the least in the series of DJI, our third pick is- DJI MAVIC 2 ZOOM. If you are a creative videographer or a YouTuber, then this buy will be one of the best, as it is specially designed for shooting amazing videos. The maximum camera resolution the drone has- 4K or 12 megapixels. Why this can be your best buy? Because the drone is equipped with the +2x optical zoom to take Lush 4K video. Through this drone, you can avoid obstacles.
So, get ready for the upcoming tech-sale in-season sale and be the first one to purchase your choice of a best 4K flying drone.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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