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Every one of us had been in awkward situations at some point of our time, but if we face those awkward situations in the office then these embarrassing situations become a lot more embarrassing. So you need ways to deal with those situations with the big heart. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out in tackling those situations.
1. Falling Over In Public
It’s very common that you are getting from your seat and the ops moment happens. Quite obvious, you would feel embarrassed because you become the center of attraction, but actually you need not to feel awkward. Don’t’ know how to react? Simple it is… Just laugh with everyone you will feel like it never happened. Yes, that’s the best way to get yourself out of such situations.
2. No Cash
Ordered something and run out of cash…No online payment acceptance. No worries, just feel free to ask anyone because this situation is not that awkward as it may seem.
In the middle of any meeting and burped. Felt really embarrassed? Well, anyone would have, but the best way to deal with it is acceptance. To avoid that silent awkwardness just say sorry and the awkwardness will just go in one go.
4.Office fumble
Our office culture asks us to communicate in English. There are many people who are really not comfortable with the language. Feel embarrass whenever you are asked to speak in front of everyone. You try to avoid or run away from the situation, but this is not the way one should be dealing with these situations. Speak out because best way is to deal with it because you cannot avoid things forever.
So just accept the things the way they are no need to run away from them because if you do that it the awkward situations will not remain that awkward.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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