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We human being have this multiple personality disorder of behaving differently with different people. We have anonymous personalities which remains hidden and it comes out with certain people. So here are we to present you the multiple face of a boy in front of some very important relations of his life.
So get ready for having some fun in your life…
1. In front of father-Bheegi bili
A boy usually won’t show his true colours in front of his father. How much he would pretend that he is bold and doesn’t get terrified by anyone but the reality is when he has to ask about anything or for that matter talk ‘Unki fatti hai literally’. Yes, it’s 100% true and I am sure you will also relate to it.
2. Mother-Pyara Seedha Bacha
A mother has this image that her son is so seedha. You know why? Because every boy has created this image in his mother’s mind. He is like a pyara bacha who does not do anything wrong. You know why does he do it. Answer is simple, who will protect from papa ki daat?
3. Sister-Mischievous Side
A sister knows most of the secrets of him. He shares most of things with her. He knows some mischievous and lesser known facts about them, but yeah, still there are some sides which she does not know and remains unaware about. You know who knows that true face of him. You will know about it.
4. Best friends-Asli Roop
So a best friend knows that hidden side which, if their parents would have seen they would just faint. So best friends are like that mirror which shows that ‘Asli Roop’. A person is literally some other or we would say true self; no fake side just the reality.
5. Colleagues-May be illusion?
So colleagues are someone who knows certain things, that may or may not be true depend on the person to person, but one thing is definitely true colleagues have illusionary perspective about the personality traits of ours.
These multiple faces have further multiple faces which come at the right time or maybe we just fake it? You decide that for yourself…
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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