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Isn’t it just pretty to see someone smile. Everything seems so beautiful. Smile definitely has some power, that power to bring change in your life. Different people actually add different shades of happiness. So we present to you some powers of a smile and what a smile can do for you, but before that just smile… at least just for once.
1.Kid’s smile- Stress Buster
Have a bad mood? Feeling low? All you need to do is kid. No, not talking about literally having a kid. Just look at a kid’s smile and all your worries, stress will just disappear as if it never existed at least for that moment. So a kid’s smile has the power of releasing all your stress.
2.Poor people’s Smile-Power of hope
That smile of contentment on their face will literally ass sunshine of positivity in your life. Just like at someone’s smile that positivity will automatically get transferred to you. No need to do anything. You will really feel so good in life.
3.Smile of Stranger-Power to connect
Just give smile to some stranger it will automatically connect you with that person because smile has that infectious power to connect with people.
When a smile can make you fall in love with someone why not smile. Also when we are born smiling why not live our life smiling?
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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