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Life is actually way too short to just blow it away with work and all the responsibilities. Everyone in the world has got a flair for something, some talent which they want to persue in life other than just hankering around for a 9 to 5 job that earn them a living, but not happiness.

A brain is sensitive, prone to damage and destruction if it continues to follow a humdrum life. It literally requires break to rejuvenate its cells. In order to remain fresh and delightful you sometimes need to do stuffs that gives you peace and happiness in the whole. You might want to sing in the middle of your work, you might want to dance your heart out after listening to a peppy track in the midst of a road. If you have a soul that wants to go out in the rain and dance, you know that it’s very easy to find recreation in life.

Ever wondered why talent acquisition rounds in our schools and colleges were being held? The reason behind is recreation and rejuvenation. Something that would bring the positive vibes in and let the brain cells breathe. Whenever someone brings out the talent from you, be it singing, dancing, playing a guitar, reciting poetry, almost any and every talent in you brings you happiness that has got no match.

If ever you feel lost asking questions to yourself like “What is this life all about?” or “What am I even doing?”,you should know what you should look for at that particular time. Recreation! Get your throats cleared and sing a song loud, play your favorite track and dance your heart out to the tune, play the instrument you always wanted to spend your time with; only that can bring you peace.

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