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Food is the basic necessity of our life, but for some people food is life. They just live for food, they just adore it, it makes them happy. Here are some things which you will hear from every foodie and every foodie will surely relate to their love with food. So get ready to relive your love for food once again with us…
Khana Pyar Hai….
1. All they think about is food…. food…food…No matter what you are talking about it’s very obvious then food will automatically in their conversation.
2.The moment they see anything good they just can’t control their love for food and it will take them no minute to go and eat that food.
3.After every 2 minute all you hear is ‘Mera ye khane ka mun kr hai (I want to eat this food).
4. Where ever you go they would have an idea about what you will find good there because they have already explored everything around them.
5.It does not take them time to find out about the tasty options for eating even in the places where they have not been there.
6. Also every foodie has deeeep knowledge when it comes to food and they can literally talk about food for hours.
7. Every foodie just live for food and live food. The happiness that you see on their face when they eat something good is just worth seeing. Nothing can make them happy as food can. Whenever they see good food a big smile automatically comes to their face.
So live,love the food as you do because is too short to miss out good things in life.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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