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Staying away from home has made me realize the value of it in every sense. Our parents have taught us to live without them, they’ve imbibed us with the essential values and ethics of life so that we can stand on our own feet and guide our own selves onto progress.

Looking back I realize that there was nearly nothing which they couldn’t do for. Right from getting succumbed to my demands to sacrificing their other needs they’ve always made sure that I don’t feel anything less when compared to the other peeps around. Not only did they fulfil the small little demands, but also they supported my career choices. They just got me the right to decide what’s good for me and what actually makes me happy.

As now, that I’m far from my hometown, away from my parents, I realize how occupied I’ve become with work pressure and other petty issues gathering around that quite often I find myself ending up ignoring my parents. I don’t just forget sparing a minute for them but also get irked by their repeated calls, which at the end of the day covers me up with guilt. I feel broken from inside when I happen to talk to them in an annoyed way. It’s not because I don’t want to talk to them, sometimes it’s just the situation.

Quite a deep thought later at night dwells in me which provokes me to think how would I feel, if ever my children act the same way? I immediately feel like apologizing to my parents for not devoting time to them. I mean, they’ve got all the right in the world to look into my life and ask me as many questions as they want.
The reason where I am, happy or sad, they have always been behind, asking me not to worry about anything in life. They deserve all the love and attention of their child whom they’ve raised with all their care and compassion. Let’s never ignore this prized possession of our lives!
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