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Ranveer Singh has time and again left us drooling over his washboard abs and slick body. While guys wished to get a hot-bod like him, girls prayed to get a guy like him; such is the charisma of his body but guess what?
This envious body comes at a price of dedication, persistence and hard work, Ranveer says: “It’s not an easy process as one has to be mentally strong and disciplined in one’s workout and diet routine.”
We cannot agree more with you, Ranveer!
So here is a the fitness routine of ‘King Ranveer’ that can help you attain an envious body like him:-


Ranveer Singh’s diet’s most important aspect is to eat clean every three hours. While oil and salt are kept at a minimum in his food, his protein requirement is fulfilled by eating lamb, crabs, meat, eggs, and broccoli.

Breakfast: Ranveer munches on a heavy breakfast that includes egg whites, multi-grain breads, fresh fruits, and juices.
Lunch and Dinner: These mainly include protein-rich foods such as roasted chicken, brown rice or boiled veggies.


1). 1.5-hour cardio sessions both in morning and evening as well.

2). A little warm-up which is then followed by high intensity exercises like dips, pushups, pull-ups, and burpees.

3). After this, Ranveer hits the weights and tries to maintain an average of 4 sets in every exercise he does.

4). After a heavy workout, Ranveer does a little stretching to make his sore muscles feel better, it also helps him to be a little flexible.

So, go ahead, hit the gym right away and become the Ranveer Singh of your block.
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- Shivam
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