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We come across photos and videos of our friends and family which depicts the happy moment of their lives. Also, with the advent of social media, one has got a great chance to explain what’s going on in their life, how delighted or distressed they are. We don’t really have to contact them every now and then to know about their status; all we got to do is check their social media. A massive success this platform is, thanks to the trend of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ which spreads awareness about almost anything and everything.

We’ve got along with few touching pictures that’ll just restore our faith in humanity, and that it’s still possible if we put forth a little bit of effort:

1. This young hairstylists from Newyork give free haircuts to the homeless every Sunday.

2. The Officer plunges man out from committing suicide, 8 years later the now, father of two children imparts the officer an award at the American Foundation of Suicide.

3. This master takes his sick dog to the lake every evening which heals the dog from within.

4. At the Children's Hospital In Le Bonheur, these workers from Memphis cleaning company dressed up as superheroes to cheer up the kids.

5. The kitten is saved from drowning by this man who picked her up with the help of an umbrella.

6. This little girl sells her stuffed toys so that she could fetch some money to donate to the local animal shelter.

7. The brave soldiers don’t just rescue the human, they rescue life. This soldier saved a kitten from losing her life in Korea.

8. This dry cleaning center allows the homeless to clean their clothes without charging a penny.

9. Wendy’s worker took the umbrella out of the table to protect an elderly man from being drenched.

10. This Russian firefighter saved the panicked cat from getting burnt up.

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