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Whether you agree or not, the best feeling in the world is the one when you get a confession from someone that they love you, with all your heart. Every human being on earth is mad after love, the very essence of being a human being is to love and being loved back. Throughout our life we seek the love that would nourish us, that would give us a different glow and also, which would promise to stand by us through all the ups and downs that we ever get to face.
You reach a stage where you actually meet someone who is genuine, is naturally inclined towards you and is supportive of you like no other. And, when he kneels down in front to confess all his true feelings towards you, you know, that there’s no match of that gesture in this whole wide world. It’s as pure as heaven! Putting this fact in mind we’ve come up with the best pictures of marriage proposal around the world:
1. John proposes Lindsay in quite a sudden way that surprises her to the core. She was astonished to see the rock and the look on her face is priceless.

2. Brenley proposes Shaina in the Dallas garden in a way which couldn’t keep their family away from photobombing in the left. Nevertheless, this picture turns out to be one of the cutest.

3. Brent’s proposal to Jackie in the San Francisco garden is one beautiful picture captured because of the shine in Jackie's eyes while going through all the thoughts of love hung around for her.

4. Lyle kept a travel-themed proposal for Hannah, and the picture speaks a thousand words in itself. They’ve already made goals for the travel freak couples.

5. Surprisingly after Lisa said yes to John’s proposal at the beach, a striking sunset have made this picture priceless.

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