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Basically, there are two categories of women, one who’s active enough to take care of herself and balancing it out with her professional life and the other one, who’s love lies in napping around without paying any heed to herself. Beauty and fashion for these kinds of girl are a myth and even if they ever think of grooming themselves up, it’d be either when they’re dating or going out for some party. Rest of the days in their lives are just about being in their pajamas and gobbling food. So here’s a treat for them, we’ve listed down 6 quick hacks that can keep their beauty and looks intact by not putting on any burden:
1. Put a makeup remover right beside your pillow when off to sleep. Days, when you’re tired as hell after coming from long working hours and you just don’t feel like washing your face, this might help you remind that you got to remove your makeup.

2. When you’re running late for work and your moisturizer or makeup takes time to soak in, blow the dryer at your face to dry it up quickly. This also applies when you want to dry your nails soon after applying paint.

3. Days when you don’t feel like hassling with your makeup, just play with that one light shade lipstick that can actually work wonders as a contour, an eyeshadow and of course that tinge on your lips. It pulls off that effortless look on your face.

4. If you want to have your liner on point but just that your hands don’t go along well and you end messing it up, don’t use your hands to clean it, just apply a bit of petroleum jelly and swipe the messed up part with a light cotton cloth.

5. If your office peeps ask you to join a party on Fridays and you’re not ready for it, just smudge your sleek eyeliner by a cotton swab to impart the impression of a smokey eye. And you’re sexy enough now to go to the party.

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