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Men are as complicated as women, the difference just lies in the fact that they fall short of words to express at times and most of them just hide it away. Unlike men, we women tend to be a little clear about feelings, we are straight-forward and express if at all we get attached with someone and feel he’s the right person. Love is a very complicated affair, only if you get into one you realize how different and insane the feeling is.

When a man falls for someone, like truly, he doesn’t jump into confession all at once. He’ll give it time firstly for him to realize whether he’s actually in it or its just affection. If you’re a girl and you’re lucky enough to find a man who’s all into you, he’ll surely come up with some really sugar-sweet gestures that would give butterflies in your stomach for sure. You know like, he’ll be caring about you all of a sudden like from nowhere a text would pop up on your phone about how you doing in life, like he’ll be really curious to know all about you especially, your likes and ambitions and then he’d somewhere try to match them up with his owns. He’d obviously ask you to go out with only of course, after your consent.

His way of looking at you won’t seem normal like you can figure out when he’s looking at you in a different way which seems like he is looking only at you and all his life he just wants to look at you. That innocent yet expressive eye says a lot about what he wants to reveal but has got no words to express. With time he’ll arrange the most beautiful date you’ve ever had in life to let you know what you are to him. And that my friend, is true enough for you to realize that he’s no longer flirting with you and he’s dead serious about your presence in his life.

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