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We spend most of our time in office and it is quite obvious that we get attached to some people. They become so dear to us that we hardly can imagine the day without them. There is some kind of unsaid connection created which we really cannot escape of. If you are also sailing on the same page or on the way to such sail, then you need to read this out.
So here are the ways by which you can handle if you have fallen in love with someone in the office…
1. To Talk Or Not Talk?
It is obvious as you began to like someone you would like to spend more and more time with them, but we would suggest you to go a little slow because it may impact you as well as the other person whom you like. People will start making judgements about you. So in order to avoid this just be little careful when you are talking especially when you are really not sure about the relationship yet.
2. Not allow your emotions affect you work
The Lovy-Duby emotions tend to overflow so much that we begin to neglecting the work in the office. So never ever let your personal life ruin your professional life. You need to have a balance between them. Believe me, if you are able to do that you will not only enjoy your personal life but your work as well. So life will be really very beautiful.
3. To Let her go or not?
A lot of times there comes a situation when our loved ones have to leave the organization due to some unavoidable reasons. In such situations we are in dilemma whether we should also leave the organization. It is really tough to decide what do we actually want, but if you want the best of both of you need to let her go because if you really like each other the relationship will continue for a longer period than expected and if you are really not meant for each other no matter how much harder you try nothing would actually work.
Office waala can be the most beautiful because you can spend lot of time with each other. But never let that overpower you otherwise….
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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