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Whenever someone joins the new office it is quite obvious that everyone’ s attention is on that person. There are however different ways how different people behaves on the very 1st day of their joining. So, here we present you different types of people on the basis of how they behave on 1st day.
1. Oscar Jeetne Wale Log
First category of people is those will work on the very 1st day as if they will complete all of their work on the 1st day itself. Seeing their dedication, you would definitely want to give them Oscar award for their dedication and hard work they put on in their work, but these types of people have that fire only on the 1st day.
2. Connection Bnane Wale Log
They are someone who will be so frank to everyone on the very first day that you will feel like they have come to build some kind of connection in the office rather than working in the office.
3. Bilkul Chup Rehne Wale log
Another set of people are those who just don’t utter a single word from their mouth no matter what you ask or say to them. It seems like they have some ‘maun vrath’.
4. Attention seeker
They are someone who loves seeking attention from everyone so they would put in all of their efforts in getting the attention of everyone around them, mostly not by work.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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