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Happy pregnancy ladies!!!

Maternity period is the most loved stage in every woman’s life. During this period she crosses one more stage in her life that is from being a woman to a mother. Feeling an unborn life inside yourself is the most beautiful thing and only women can have this feeling. Sometimes during their maternity period, mothers feel so much discomfort. What can be the solution of erasing this discomfort?

Don’t worry we have listed such clothes that will make your pregnancy period much more comfortable and enjoyable. So, ladies stay ready to live your happy pregnancy period.

Pregnancy/maternity clothes are made especially for the pregnant woman, to provide that comfort. But if you are a yummy mummy (fashionable mommy) then you can experiment with these clothes and still look fab.

So let’s get fetch some fashionable maternity clothes-

#1 Basic black leggings-

Whenever we talk about comfortable yet fashionable clothes, leggings won our heart. As the leggings are made up of flexible material. A pair of leggings can be worn under anything. You can choose your basic loose top on it, you can pair it up with a dress or in many different ways. With a pair of black leggings you proudly go out with your baby bump.

#2 Lycra maternity dress-

Dresses during the maternity period and your peeking baby bump look very cute together. As the dress is made up of lycra (that has so much elasticity in it), your baby bump will stay comfortable in it. Apart from the comfort, you will also look fashionable.

#3 Maternity dungaree dresses

Dungarees are always in trend. Future moms, if you like wearing dungarees, you can order an oversized dungaree for yourself.

Above listed outfits are the basics that you should have, but apart from these, you can create your own maternity fashion outfits’ combination.
Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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