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When a company launches a product, it puts a lot of thought on the advertising strategies and why not? Advertisements make your product reach a larger audience and thus the probability of it selling more in the market amplifies instantly. But, you need to be very careful while making an ad because if a good ad can get you customers, a bad ad can hamper your image very badly.
Today, many advertisements for a certain section of products are made on the same line; for example for deodorants, every brand uses the same formula i.e. hot chicks getting showered on a guy who sprays some of the ‘Amrit Rass’ from that pale looking bottle.

Let’s just admit it, this thing is getting very repeated, monotonous and downright annoying now. Thus, we took it upon ourselves to tell you what these products ads would say if they were bluntly honest and boy, we found that we are definitely more creative than most of the advertising firms out there, So enjoy:-

1). Mango Drinks

Well, they literally gave this drink a tag named ‘AAM-SUTRA’, what more can you expect!

2). Fairness Creams

And the award for the most idiotic product of the decade goes to…..

3). Condoms

The inception point of awkwardness.

4). Men’s Under-Garments

Why there is a need for such strong punches and flying kicks?

5). Maggie Noodles

Your whole life was a lie.

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Design: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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