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Earth is endowed with life a million years ago, and life which took place first were the plants that not just beautified the planet with its appearance but has made the phenomenon of fauna possible with the essential photosynthesis mechanism. In other words, it’s just because of the plants, that we’re leading a life. The cycle of decomposing and evolving is what life is all about.

Throughout the years, with the invention of science and technology, the atmosphere has undergone a thousand changes with alteration in soil type, diffusion of harmful particles in the air and water. It was quite a known fact if the rare species which was once quite abundant at a time, if not preserved would face the wrath of extinction. We’ve got the top 10 most endangered plants all over the world which is about to face a hard time in the near future:

1. Western Prairie Fringed Orchid
Platanthera praeclara is a wetland plant, which happens to exist in the U.S. Midwest just in five states. The population of this plant is estimated to be around just 172 now. The main causes behind such low numbers are over development, overgrazing and of course, global warming.

2. Rafflesia Flower
Rafflesia arnoldii is a parasitic plant which is known to be the largest flower in the world. Its diameter is estimated to be around 3 feet. As large as it is, the flower smells rotten because of the decomposing flesh within. It weighs around 24 pounds and is just seen in the forests of Borneo and Sumatra.

3. Georgia Aster
Symphyotrichum georgianum usually grew in small clumps and is famous for its beautiful appearance. Found in the southeastern U.S. the plant just holds a population of 60.

4. Texas Wild Rice
Just 140 clumps of it are left, the main reason for it being endangered is the lowering of water levels due to the construction of dams.

5. Ouachita Mountain Goldenrod
The actual population of this species named Solidago ouachitensis is not quite known. It’s basically found in just three countries along the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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