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Dogs are probably the best creation of the Almighty. The fluffy fur balls can make anyone get a sparkling smile with their super-adorable gestures. Their wailing of the tail has the power to bright up your day in no time.

Oh, let us not forget the times when they are asked to pose for the camera; best posers for a reason.

So, a photographer who goes by the name Kristýna Kvapilová recently uploaded a new piece of work that involves some aesthetic and adorable pictures of her dog Charlie. The photographer travels around the world with her dog and clicks some mouth-watering pictures.

The photographer says: “When I leave my computer-based job, you can often see me somewhere on the road, traveling and exploring the world with my beautiful 7-year-old Australian Shepherd Charlie, who is my personal teacher and also the best and the most faithful model I've ever had! He's a so-called professional dog model who can do many tricks, for example, lick on command. He truly changed my entire life... I'm a photographer only thanks to him and I'm incredibly glad for that. He's always been so patient with me and I learned a lot because of him.”

Let us get our eyes a visual treat, shall we?

1). I Gawk With So Much Innocence

2). I Can Fly Up Above

3). Friendship Has Always Been Unusual

4). Those Glittering Eyes

5). I Am Shy, Hooman!

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- Shivam

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