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Yeah, we’ve heard a lot of slogans against smoking and we do agree that it’s utterly bad for health. But everyone has got their own choices in life and one shouldn’t be questioned for their choices in life. If anyone has got any sort of addiction in life, it’s completely fine! Nobody can actually stop a smoker from being in love with that box of cigarettes.

The famous Bollywood actresses are no behind; of course, in India, initially if any woman was found smoking, her image would directly be tarnished. Thanks to the evolution and upgrade of feminism. Not just the normal peeps but there are few Bollywood actresses in the industry who smokes to burst their stress:

1. Sushmita Sen
Yes, our miss universe smokes! And she is not at all ashamed of it. She has her own life choices which makes her what she is today. The mother of two presents fitness goals for all the women out there in this age of 38 years.

2. Rani Mukherjee
The new member of the Chopra family is believed to have been smoking for a long time. Though her family doesn’t like her smoking, she didn’t really follow anybody’s command. It’s also known from some sources that she cannot even start off her day without smoking one.

3. Kangana Ranaut
This edgy actress has been seen smoking on-screen a lot, her professionalism in smoking is evident from the fact that she smokes in real life a lot as well. Also, she never really hides the fact that she smokes.

4. Tanuja
As unbelievable as it might sound, this actress doesn’t pay any heed about her age and she is absolutely a smoke addict. She was ones seen smoking in public at a charity function much to the surprise of all.

5. Konkona Sen Sharma
This brilliant actress of the industry is bold in her approach towards life. She doesn’t shy away from smoking. Though she stands underrated, we know how real an actress she is.

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