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Self-admiration has boundless limits and one cannot just imagine how far this limit of admiration for one selves can reach. From obsessed about their beauty to talent to what they can, what they are self -obsessed people are literally obsessed about everything that you can imagine. But don’t worry, you need not to think much because we are here to show you how far self- obsession can reach. Although it is not possible to state plainly how much one can be self-obsessed, but these self-obsession dialogues will definitely give you an idea about it.
1. Mera eyeliner kitna acha lag raha hai na
2. Lipstick ka shade acha hai na
3. Mein kitni pyari lag ri hu
4. Mein hot hu na
5. Meri thighs mast lag rahi hai na
6. Kitni sundar lag rahi hu na mein
7. Aree meri jeans dekho…
8. Maal lag rahi hu na mein
9. Btao aaj maine kya naya kiya hai
10. Dekh mera naya braclet,dekho mera new top,dekho meri new earing
So even if they buy a new nail paint they would become obsessed with that. They have this feeling that whatever they buy that is the best and whatever they wear they look perfect in that.
Sometimes they will make you laugh, sometimes they will irritate you, sometimes they will make you love in with themselves with their self-obsession.
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