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The busy work routines along with heavy deadlines and work pressure makes it little difficult to take time for our friends which has been departed. Usually it is seen that as we enter into a new phase of life we began to forget our old friends and be it chatting or hanging out it revolves around that few new people in our life. This affects our old friendship. In the beginning, we complain about not getting time. With time our friendship comes at a stage where we become completely disconnected with that old buddies who were our saviours.
So, it is important that we never let our old buddies go. This is how you can stop them from going from your life.
1. It is important to talk
Quite often it is seen that we began to take for granted some of our very important people of our life just because we know they understands us, they will always be there for us, but remember that if there is no communication it will affect your friendship no matter how strong your friendship is.
• You need not to talk everyday, but at least you can make a call once a week to know about their well -being.
• A lot of times it does happen that we think the other person has understood the reason for not talking, meeting, but remember it does not happen every time, so you need to tell, express what actually is going in your life and the reason for your behavior. Your buddy will definitely understand it after all he knows you so well.
2. You need to tell how much they are important for you
We often don’t do this, but believe me it is important to let your heart out. Sometimes it is good to say about your emotions. Just let them know how much they are special for you.
• You can post old pictures with them, reminding them of that good old time.
• You can send them a message to tell them how much they are important
• Call them, meet them, spend time with them whenever possible, it will recreate all your old memories
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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