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When we are born, we come alone (not in the case with twins) in this world. After then when we start growing we realize that God gifted us with a family. And then after an age we realize we are in a society and start recognizing the difference between personal and professional life. However, in both the spaces, we tend to learn something. For example, a family is like a team and all together work to shape each other’s life.

So the lessons are here which we learn from teamwork:-

1. Leadership:

Being on the team is not just enough, at some point in time, you ought to take charge of the team. The team is not only about having huge resources with fewer efforts in one plate. But it is much more than this. One of the team members has to direct the team, take decisions for the team. Otherwise, the team will scatter and the difference in the opinion will create.

2. Contribution:

A genuine happiness lies when each one of the team members contributes. Being useful for the team is where the real happiness lies. Each member of the team contributes to the team according to their capacities for achieving a common goal. For example, you help your family in buying grocery for dinner, all the ladies preparing food in the kitchen, batsman making runs one by one to win the match. It is the lesson that we learn by contributing in the team.

3. Stay Active:

Staying active in the team will make your team win half of the battle. With your experience and predictable probabilities helps you to solve the challenges. For example: when people go on trekking camp in a group, one of them always take care to pack of the needful items such as emergency medical items, ropes and so on. By being prepared in advance for the coming unfortunate situations in the future will not only make your life safe but also your team’s life will be safe.

These lessons we learn by only being in the team. If you add these in your daily habit will add benefit to your daily life.
Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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