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While you know that leaving behind your pets back at home is one hell of a thing, like they can create havoc out of nowhere, and of course, that’s what pets are meant to do. We raise a pet like our own child and yes, we enjoy all the little cuddles and getting along mushy with them. You don’t really feel like putting them behind when you leave for work or a short trip. But when you do, you make sure there’s someone who looks after your pet.

Same goes along with our toddlers, we can’t always take our little munchkin everywhere we go. Someone needs to babysit and look after the little one. But, ever wondered if you leave behind toddlers with the pets in the house? Well! The results could be hilarious AF!
We bring you some quintessential pictures that’d help you decide whether you would really want to leave both your pet and your baby back at home:
1. Friends alike! But oh! Is that a baby girl amongst them, if it’s so, then it’s exactly not how your baby should drink milk!

2. May be it’s too sunny outside for the pup to take it, so it took refuge inside the toddlers frock.

3. That just reminded me of the witch in Snow White! Also, it seems she’s quite happy with her new makeover!

4. Seems like the cat has just lost it! She has been knocked to the core by her weird best friend. And seems like the munchkin has decided not to let her go!

5. Hello, hotness! Have you ever seen the fuchsia queen? Here she is!

6. Meet the dope! I can’t really find a match for this. How do I get such an attitude? It might be the child in the house who’s the actual stylist!

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