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Bollywood’s latest heart-throb Kartik Aryan made an appearance on Neha Dhupia’s talk show ‘No Filter Neha’ and was asked many quirky questions by the host. Firstly, he was asked that Sara Ali Khan wants to date him, what is his take on that and if there were any sparks between the two young lads when they met at a recent party.

Kartik laughed and replied: “I think Saif (Ali Khan) sir was also there, so it was all eco-friendly.”

As the interview proceeded, things got hot-up and Neha asked Kartik to name one actress he would like to have babies with, Kartik quipped and replied: ‘Katrina Kaif’; Neha then asked that why Katrina Kaif, Kartik said: “I have a thing for accents. She (Katrina Kaif) has a good accent so that’s about it.”

Later Kartik was asked if he has to ever ‘pretend to drink’; Kartik chuckled a bit and told: “Yes. When I entered the industry, I learned this trick of pretending to drink otherwise everyone is going to force me to have a drink or two. So from my first party, I ask the bartender to give me a glass of water, put lemon and ice in it. Then, I look at the colour of other people’s drink and add orange juice or any other juice to it so that it looks like a proper mocktail.”

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- Shivam

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