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Lately, the Indian stand-up comedy circuit has risen rapidly which has given many talented stand up artists a strong hold among people. Sometimes, these outright hilarious people say things that become some sort of a sensation, just like a kickass line from a Masala potboiler Indian film.

Their lines are often hailed in the pop-culture arena as well and the meme-world goes in a maniac mood when a line goes viral. And, let us just admit it that these comedians gained a lot of recognition and popularity because of their quote; merchandises with their viral quote printed on them started selling, people immediately started recognizing them and the list goes on and on…

The reason that these lines became so popular was that they were relatable AF!

This factor definitely plays a big role in making you a viral star.

I have compiled some of the most hysterical and LOL quotes by some of the most known artists out there, here it goes:

1). Fuck formal salutations, this is how you roll, you go Biswa!

2). When Kanan made a much needed political joke.

3). Varun Grover simplified the Padmaavat blunder, once and for all.

4). When BJP’s favourite target Kunal Kamra explained pseudo-nationalism.

5). When Abhishek Upmanyu defined Diljale Aashiq in the best way possible.

6). When Tanmay gave extreme importance to Paneer.

7). When Zakir gave a national line to all the singles out there.


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- Shivam
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