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Since childhood, our parents have been telling us not to praise own self. But why? This is the thing that they never told us. Praising own self is only done by weird people or who are selfish who only thinks about themselves.

But is that really true? Is parsing own self known as being selfish or over-obsessed? For many years we also have the mindset, and when we meet people who never miss the chance to praise themselves. What do we think about them? We too laugh behind their back. Because we were not taught to distinguish between these two terms.

It is important to have a lover in life, but first, we should love own-self. It is healthy to praise yourself, to show how much you love yourself. It is not weird. It is a belief behind self-love that “if you know your qualities, then only world will know about your qualities”.

So happy praising guys! Show some self-love and don’t get disappointed if no one compliment you, because you are self-sufficient for this.

Here are self-love statements made by different people:-

#1 “I Love Myself So Much”

Love yourself and spread the love. Never listen to the people who demoralize you, loving and praising is not an easy task and everyone is not made to do a difficult task. Only you have that inner strength.

#2 “I Am My Whole World”

If you find everything in yourself is good, because of this habit you will never depend on anyone. Being independent and self-sufficient to do all most every work is a positive sign. It shows that no one can ever heart you.

#3 “Never Underestimate: I, Me And Myself”

Everyone doesn’t have that courage to fight for themselves. Respecting own-self and fighting for the wrong is good. If people consider this as weird or selfish, then let them happy, and don’t say anything. As you know that your courage to fight for yourself.

#4 “I Have A Best Friend For Me”

If you say the person is introvert, then we say no he loves his company. Being alone sometimes give peace which most of the people find in someone else.

#5 “I Am My Own Art Piece”

No, it is not over-obsessed, but it is called confidence. If a person has confidence and like as he is, then no one can miscalculate that person.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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