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Well, a woman or a girl is no less in her own self. She can be her own best company and also the best pal to her female friends around. You know there’s the thing about a woman, and also there’s this popular belief that two or more women cannot stay in a room together for long. Whereas if you get stuck with a guy somewhere you’d probably end up never talking to each other or would come out as best friends. Yes! And there’s no denying this fact that the intensity of friendship with a guy best friend is above and beyond any friendship that you’ve ever come across.

A guy would suddenly pop up in your life out of nowhere and he’ll just represent a male version of you, and then you’d feel like why the hell on earth he showed up so late. He would understand you like no another and would actually get into your skin to comprehend all that you actually are. He knows all your gestures and what do they mean, also they tend to know about your likes and dislikes more than you do yourself.

It’s more like a blessing to get such a friend who is just as weird as you, who doesn’t consider your thoughts creepy, but, executes all of that along with you. He considers you as one of the most important people in his life and every time he gets along with any women in a romantic affair, he makes sure that you like her. Your approval is imperative and he abides by that for sure; On the other hand, you know well that if ever you fall in love with some guy, that love would not be greater than the love which you hold for your best friend. What else is true friendship all about?

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