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The altering/split personality of human beings has different layers of masks hiding the true real selves. This personality of ourselves is much alike different types of photographs that we capture and aftermath effects given to the photograph. When you draw inferences from this comparison, it is interesting to look at some of the similarities.
So have a look at them.
1. Normal/Random Photo= Real side of our personality
When we get clicked randomly by someone or either make a little effort to get clicked, we don’t make much effort. We are what we are and the real me is depicted to everyone. Similarly, our personality has certain has traits which defines us what we are. However, it is a quite ironical that hardly we display our real me to anyone. It seems that the world is an illusion where everyone is wearing multiple masks. Shockingly, most of them are fake.
2. Selfie= Partial side of our personality
The trending or the popular mode of our life is Selfie mode. Just as we fake our selfie photos we depict the side of personality which is made up differently for different persons. We try to look smart, but just as the way everyone cannot take the perfect self, everyone cannot really fake it, we try to show that trait of ourselves no matter we like it or not. Why? Because everyone is doing it.
3. Edited=Fake side of our personality
We don’t just fake it, but rather try to cover that imperfect and real part of ourselves. Result? We end up being so fake and manipulative that everyone can predict about that. We are still busy doing that.
4. Aadhar card=Embarrassed Side Of our personality
Just as the Aadhar card photo there are some sides of our personality which we are so embarrassed about, side about which we don’t want to disclose about to anyone no matter how innocent that side of personality may be.
Which photograph of do you like the most? And do you really click that photograph? Interrogate for yourself and decide…..
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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