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The functioning of our society is designed in the way where everyone seems so bother about what is happening in your life. But it is quite important that you don’t listen the not so important voices. What you need to do it just listen the voice your heart. Just remember if you really bothering so much about what other are thinking it will only bother you. So, just follow your heart and learn to ignore things in life because it is really important to understand the fact that you cannot really feel everything said by others you should have that instinct to understand what is important for you and let not so important things of life.
Here are some of things which you definitely need to ignore in life because at the end of day it is going to affect you.
1. Friend’s insult
What do you think is the most important thing in a friendship? Trust? Understanding? Concern? Yes, all these things are crucial in any friendship or for that matter any relationship, but what matters the most is the insult of friends. If a friend does not insult you then he/she is definitely not your friend and if someone is truly your friend he will not miss out a single chance to do so and if you are his true friend you will not take his words seriously because friends are really not meant to be taken seriously. They are meant to be insulting.
2. Parent’s scolding
Parents has the birth right to speak anything you do and say. You may take it as an interference or their concern, but always remember that if they ever scold you, obviously they will scold you no matter what you really need to take those words in heart. They will say certain things when they are angry but they never mean it. So all you need to do is just listen and let it go.
3. Boss Meddling
A lot of times we feel that our bosses are interfering more than required, may be its true. What you need to do is just not take it otherwise. Just take it positive because at the end of the day all that matter is your growth.
So chill out, listen to your heart, do what you really want to do AND most importantly don’t take everything so seriously…..
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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