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Human beings are the greatest creation of God as He has imparted us with such features which have a diverse task to do. Not only mother nature has been made beautiful, but we human beings are the most meticulously crafted living beings on earth. We are granted with powers and abilities that are not meant for any other living creatures in the planet. All around the world, men evolve with their surrounding atmosphere, soil, and water, and that’s the reason why not all of us look the same. People belonging from different region differ in their appearance, the way they talk, the food they eat and almost everything. But, the most striking feature which one can notice is the eye colors.

We are imparted with a different tone of our eyes with every other people that just not adds to the beauty of our face but also it has got a meaning. A significance is lying underneath every different eye color:

1. Dark Brown
55% of the people around the world is known to possess dark brown eyes which is an earthly color. And as the color says, the person with a pair of dark brown eyes is humble and genuine. They are also considered to be great lovers because of the honesty in their eyes.

2. Green Eyes
The rarest colored eyes found on earth. Someone with green eyes is supposed to be very passionate and they have an enigma which is irresistible.

3. Blue Eyes
Blue eyes are the second most common eye color in the world. They are known to possess excessive stamina and are almost immune to pain.

4. Black eyes
Black-eyed people are known to be very much trustworthy; the one who can never divulge your secrets. He’s a keeper and proves to be one of the best friends.

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