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Every time Google never fails by stunning its audience with its creative Doodle designs. Google through its Doodle celebrates almost every event or occasion. Whether it is about the birthday of a famous personalities or it wants to show us any universe’s magic, Google does it really well.

Today’s Google Doodle is showing the beautiful scenery of Gemini shower at the Erath’s surface. We should say that Google has really good creative heads. And this is the reason that Google every time displays most exciting Doodles.

Behind today’s doodle, there is a long story. So let’s know what it is.

The Gemini Meteor Shower 2018

This galaxy meteor shower got its name after the ancient Greek God Apollo’s son, 3200 Phaethon. It is an asteroid because of whose orbit, our sun comes closer than Mercury. For the first time, this astronomical phenomenon was discovered 35 years ago. Phaethon is responsible for bringing this Gemini Meteor showers to the Earth’s surface each December. In the night-time sky have grown more extreme, because with each passing year after 1800s explosion of the yellowish streaks of light.

Rock Comet

During this event, the so-called ‘rock comet’ came within 6.4 million miles of Earth this past December. While last year’s supermoon with its beautiful moonlights made it hard to encounter the stunning celestial light show. But this year that won’t be a factor.

According to scientists’ prediction, if the sky is clear 2018 would be the best year ever to watch the light shower in the sky. Even the viewers don’t need telescope or binoculars fragments from the Phaethon’s debris trail will be visible after 9 pm on 13th December 2018.

The cosmic dust may result from the crash with another flying object, but if the Geminids land the earth there may be a little danger, as it normally disintegrates in the earth’s atmosphere.

So, if you are also excited to view this great light show, then go far from the city light, face South and don’t forget to dress up in your best dress as you are going to enjoy one of the greatest shows of nature on or above the earth.
Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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