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Winter is all about taking in some warmth! And that’s not just mere tea or coffee that helps us combat the chilled atmosphere but, there are many such hot beverages that help us not just impart something new to the taste buds but also get immune to the harmful effects of cold and cough. Many would rush into having mulled wine and rum but no, that’s not the answer to getting rid of the pinching coldness outside.

One has to be careful enough about their health during this season as it happens to bring along a lot of health issues. Therefore, to fight the essential toxicity of winter along with taste here comes few hot beverages that you should have in order to beat the chills:

1. Kahwa Tea
Hailing from the ethereal Kashmir, this hot tea is brewed up with Kashmiri green tea infused in hot water along with essential spices, topped with crunched nuts, also dried fruits and saffron. This magical beverage is a respite from the chilly winter mornings.

2. Kadha
India is recognized to be the land where herbals have been churned and garnered. Long before the invention of masala tea, this wonder drink was made with all the essential herbals and spices to combat a cough and cold. Some would find it bitter to savor but this beverage still stands to be the best one for its medicinal values.

3. Kesar Doodh
One of the most delicious hot drinks of all time! Warm milk diffused with the essence of saffron and Cardamom, this sweet drink is one of the best to have this winter.

4. Hot Chocolate
We can already hear you screaming, ”yes”! This one would obviously be the best for all the age types. The invention of hot chocolate goes 2500 years and every other country has its own way of brewing it. Smooth chocolate lava churned to turn up into one of the most sensational drink one can have in winter.

5. Kanji
Kanji is a drink made with Kali Gajar or black carrot which is mostly enjoyed in winter because of its nutritional value. It has got a strong flavor for you to enjoy this veggie delight.

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