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Late actress Sridevi is going to be seen for the last time in Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘ZERO’. There were rumors that she will be a part of the song but the makers have made it clear that she has a full-fledged sequence in the film.

In a recent interview, King Khan said: “That sequence is actually not a long sequence. It’s not in any which’s not an “Item” - presence, honestly. And it’s wrong to even kind of feel, “Oh, it’s a privilege to have had her in the film”, because, you know, just the loss is so great. And I hope wherever she is, she makes the world happy like she’s done. I kind of started my career when I came and did Army (1996) with her and then she’s no more and I have a little scene with her, so it’s heartening that way.”

Director Anand L Rai also commented on the sequence in the film and said: “It’s not a song, it’s a part of a sequence. People are saying it’s a song but it’s not. Including all other actresses, you will see Sri ma’am in it.”

ZERO is going to hit the theatres on December 21 and fans are very excited for the film, it has already created a lot of buzz by its trailer and thunderous songs and people just cannot wait to see the deadly trio of SRK-Katrina-Anushka on the silver celluloid.

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- Shivam
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