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Art is captivating, it can make your dull day sunny in the blink of an eye; such is its power. An artist who goes by the name Robert De Jesus has created a niche for himself in the market as he found an amusing way to use his artistic talent.

The self-taught illustrator takes adorable photos of people and their pets, he then creates humorous illustrations out of those pictures and to say the least, his illustrations are just stupendous. His work depicts a huge influence of anime and manga art form and he completely agrees with this fact.

Robert says: “The idea hit me while at one convention, the official convention badges they wore reminded me of drivers licenses, and I thought why not make a mock license and draw the owner as a Chibi character in the spot where their photo would normally go. I designed a badge, bought a laminator, and at the next convention they were a huge hit.”

Over the years, the artist has created illustrations, comics and character designs for well-known publishers such as Antarctic press, Marvel and PlayStation Magazine.

Here are some of his best creations:

1). What A Happy Picture Looks Like:

2). Looks Much Adorable In illustrative Way

3). Happy Kitties Are The Best Kitties, Right?

4). Looks Like Ash From Pokemon Met Potter’s Hedwig, LOL!

5). And The Award For The Most Adorable Picture Of the Year Goes To….

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- Shivam
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