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Taking care or managing curly hair can be a sometimes more daunting task, but hey curly hair girls, if you are reading this then you should know how cool gift you have. Everything we get whether they are hair, features, body and so on are because of the dominant genes. We don’t have control over it. So, as you know that your curly hair is a gift from good, then please smile.

Curly hair is pretty awesome, but according to the psychology, we humans want just opposite to what we have. A girl having straight hair wants curly or wavy hair, whereas a girl having curly hair wants straight hair. However, if you have curly hair, then you will stop criticizing after reading this.

Perks you have with your curly hair:-

1. They have super “Versatility”

You may have seen many of your friends and colleagues going parlor for having curly hairstyle. But hey girls you are a lucky one! Because you are gifted with the most versatile hair. You can wear your hair in so many different styles and look fab.

2. Stand out in “Crowd”

No matter where you are standing, you will always be noticed by the people. A head full of bouncy and volume curls will make you shine in the crowd as well. No one wants to blend in with everyone and lost their individuality- certainly not you.

3. You are on “Low-Cost Maintenance”

Each kind of hair required so much maintenance, but as you are having curly hair you will never require to pay much in your locks’ maintenance. Even on your bad hair day, no one can get to know about this, except you. You even don’t need to blow dry your hair like straight hair needs.

4. Best “Bed-Hair Look”

People pay their many bucks on parlors for having that bed-hair look or messy hair look, and this just lasts for a day. But, if you are getting late for your office, you can straightaway brush and dress up, and you are good to go.

5. They will take “Minimum Hair-Care Products”

Guys who have time in the morning to put tons of hair care product onto hair. Depending on the hair type you have, your curly tresses don’t need many products than straight hair. Your hair is made for minimal hair product, which is the dream of every girl.

6. Your hair is always “Styled”

You even don’t need to style them. Yes, curly hair girls are a lucky one. Even if you just awaken from the bed, your hair will still look styled. Hahahha, that is insane but true!!! Curly hair always stays on point with lots of volume and personality.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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