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Pre-wedding photo-shoots are the most romantic gesture that a couple can make to announce their big day. And since the few decades, this trend has become unbelievably popular. Ever since the couples got to know about this way of showcasing their lovey-dovey side, it has caught the attention of the would-be-married couple from all the parts of the country.

To explore the pre-wedding ideas more and to present an even more appealing side of your love life we’ve got to you the trendiest pre-wedding photo-shoots that don’t just make your story even more attractive but also an eye-candy:

1. Capture yourselves in a large frame forever
Using of large and quirky frames has been the highlight of this year. Instead of going for the mainstream clichéd photo-shoots in the frame, hold a large frame that captures the mushy side of you both.

2. Use edgy props
Use props that present the wacky side of you and your partner. The involvement of quirky props and cut-outs has been stealing the show since the past few years. Also, the bright colors add to the whole scenario.

3. Make your city a part of you
If you and you're would be spouse belong to the same city then that’s a bingo! Make the most iconic parts of your city a segment of your tale of love.

4. Miniature Photography
This kind of photography is not only in trend but also the cutest. This mainly projects the funny side of your love life.

5. An enchanting moment
This is something above and beyond all for sure! You can always go for something like this to present a magical aspect of your romantic relationship.

6. Go on for a date
A date never goes out of vogue even if you’re already engaged. Come up with a beautiful spot that doesn’t just adds to your perfection but presents that dating will always be one of the best things that a couple could do.

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