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When we were in school our moms used to get up early in the morning just for us. From waking up us in the morning to preparing breakfast and tiffin for us to making us ready for the school moms used to do everything for us without even saying anything or expecting anything in return from us. Time changed we went to college and office. With time everything changed, one thing that did not change was unsaid things that our moms continued to do for us. Sad part is we always take our moms or for that matter our parents for granted.
Yes, our parents do most important things of our life but we never paid attention to them
1. Our moms are our alarm clocks
Be it school or college or office our moms have been our first alarm clock. Admit or not our moms have been waking up without even a single delay. No matter how early we have to wake up our moms never fail in their responsibility. It is possible that our alarms may not run, but our moms. No, they cannot ever forget. How old we grow, we always depend on them.
2. They are working even when they are ill
Be it they are down with 104 fever they will never complain. Our moms will do whatever she does for us. Our father will continue to go to work. But sadly we don’t take time from our busy schedules to think about what they are doing for us.
3. Fulfilling all our needs before even we ask for that
From providing support emotionally and financially for our life they have been thinking, working, living for us. Everything they do surrounds us. They fulfil our wishes which we even have not thought for us.
Sadly, we have this attitude that just because they are our parents they are supposed to do all those things for us, but you need to mention those things, say thanks for all those things which they do for us.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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