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Not only boys are weird, but girls are also weird. But they never show this in front of anyone. Girls as well have some habits that are casual for them, but they never unveiled about it because if they do so, they will be embarrassed.

These funny pictures will erase that Good-girl image from your mind. But frankly saying, there is a lot of fun in being weird.

Let’s start the journey and find out that how much crazy girls are:-

#1 It’s a jeans story-

Girls are too lazy to wash their jeans, too hygienic to put dirty jeans into their wardrobe but they like to create a heap of jeans on their chairs.

#2 All-time hungry but shy to accept

Girls like food so much, and they too eat so much. But in front of people, they feel shy to accept it. Girls make different excuses but once they reach the house, they empty their whole fridge.

#3 Ironically cleanest girl

If you think only boys make excuses, then this graphic above proved you wrong. Girls are also lazy character, and they also make excuses to save themselves from bathing. Their not-so-clean but-clean thing starts from the start of the week. And this is the reason that a girl’s best friend is always her perfume.

#4 The fart queen

OK… this is a little bit funny, but hey, girls are also human!! If they fart in public they never accept it, but they relax while farting in their personal space.

#5 Miss shopping queen

Accept it, all the girls are shopping queen. Before starting their shopping they will say, they are not going to buy much stuff, so they are not taking the cart with them. But after an hour you will find them completely occupied with shopping bags.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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