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Water and Thrill are like irreplaceable twins, they both are going hand in hand ever since the bloom of ‘Big Bang’. I mean, yea, cliff jumping and other sports are cool but let us admit it, the best type of exhilaration is received when one tries something in or above water, right?

Now, just imagine strolling a mean machine on blue and thunderous waters, already getting goose bumps? I can understand your situation.

Well, let me just tell you that there is this roaring machine that is owning the water like a king. The machine that looks straight outta ‘action flick’ goes by the name: HYPER SUB. The HyperSub has two modes, one as a speedboat and the other as a submarine, unbelievable right?

Let us get to know about both the modes separately:


The Hyper-Sub, when used as a speedboat, can be planted at any dock or beach or island. It can easily attain a speed up to 25knots and can give a solid competition to any high advanced speedboat you can get in the ‘thrill market’.


The Hyper-Sub can also be used as a submarine and boy; it will perform amazingly well in this form as well. The submarine form is equipped with an on-demand deep dive option as well as high endurance submarine abilities. It has highly advanced security features that’ll protect you against any change in pressure.

It is a beast that we all want to get dirty with, don’t we?

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- Shivam
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